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[qiege] Meet The World With Glamorous Eyes! Applicable to all people! Serise lined pattern, dark and scary, and mysterious.Single demon red colored lenses provide you a breathtaking journey. Specification: Water content: 38%~45% Thickness: 0.004mm Texture: Non-ionic Base curve: 8.5mm Diameter:14.5mm Period of use: 12 months Packaging:1 QTY( 2 Lenses); Order any pair get 2 gifts( 1 mirror + 1 lens case) Features: Using advanced sandwich painting tech on Single demon red  contacts, which can divide the red contact lenses into 3 layers, and effectively prevent the pigment layer contact your cornea directly, you can rest assured to use. Strong UX protection function protects the health of the pupil. Adopt this, Single demon red contact lenses can isolate the ultraviolet light effectually, and reduce the risk of some eye disease, giving your eyes more protection. Smooth edge design on red colored contacts can offer you comfortable feeling. Based on people real eyes, the lens edge design is natural and easy, without any foreign body sensation. Non-ionic raw material - against stains - Protein and other stains are not easy to attach, keeping your eyes moist all day . Yearly usage. Just like other colored contacts, Single demon red circle lenses also yearly usage, high-quality raw materials, and advanced tech can keep the lens bright and new for the long term, provides you a high-cost performance. Similar to Single Forest Green Cosplay Colored Contacts Lens and Single Mystery Purple Cosplay Colored Contacts Lens Attention: The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color.